Manitoba Pug Rescue


Adoption Process

If you would like to adopt one of our rescue dogs, we ask that you begin by filling out our adoption application form.  One of our Placement Coordinators will review the completed application and will contact the references that you have provided. 

Once this has been completed, the Placement Coordinator will contact you to set up a home visit and make an appointment for you to meet the adoptable dog.  
All dogs that come into our care are unique and each have a different set of circumstances leading to why and how they became a rescue dog.  Some may have behavioural and trust issues stemming from abuse, abandonment or having been kept in a kennel or shed as a breeding dog. A rescue dog requires consistent routine and training, as the majority of dogs that come into our care are not house trained and/or have behavioural issues.
Pug Adoption Fees:
Pug Puppy $500.00
Adult Pug $400.00 Age 1-6
Adult Pug $350.00 Age 7-9
Senior Pug $250.00 Age 10+
Small Dog Breed Adoption Fees:
Puppy $450.00
Adult Dog $350.00 Age 1-6
Adult Dog  $300.00 Age 7-10
Senior Dogs & Special Needs Dogs $250.00
*  Please note that we are a non profit organization and adoption fees go toward vetting for each rescue dog.  In most cases the adoption fee does not cover all of the medical expenses incurred with rescuing each dog. Most dogs that come into our care require extensive vetting (dental cleanings and extractions of infected teeth) from years of neglect.
We fund-raise year round to pay for vetting not covered by adoption fees.

** Adoption fees subject to change without notice.

Our dogs are spayed/neutered, up to date on shots and heart worm tested.  If you feel that our adoption fees are too expensive, please consider this...If you find a "free" dog, you will need to spay/neuter, provide up to date shots and heart worm test as well as an exam by your vet.  You will pay more for your "free" dog that what we charge for an adoption fee.

Why are Pug Adoption Fees more expensive than a small dog adoption fee?? 

Pugs suffer from breathing conditions such as Stenotic Nares & Elongated Pallets which cause them great stress that can cause other health issues such as an enlarged heart or shortened life span.  We ensure that both of these surgeries are completed.  This surgery alone costs more than the adoption fee for a pug. 
We fund-raise year round to cover the costs not covered by the adoption fee.  Again, you can get a "free" pug and do all the vetting we do to the pug and it will cost you well over a thousand dollars.

** Please also note that we reserve the right reject applications at any time. 
It is our intent to place each pug in the best suitable home.


**There will be a $25 administration fee at the time of adoption.**