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Interested in fostering a rescued dog?

Foster Parents provide housing,training and lots of love to a rescue dog in need. As we do not have a facility, We rely on the help of Foster Parents to assist us in the care and housing of our rescued dogs. We provide food, a kennel, toys and some essentials for the rescued dog until the adoption process has been completed.

 Commonly Asked Questions about Fostering Dogs 

How many dogs would I have to foster?

You may take in a max of 2 dogs. Even fostering one dog would help a great deal.

Do I get to choose which dog I foster?

We try to match the foster dog to the home it will be going to. If you require a particular size, or if you need a dog who is good with children or other pets, we do our best to meet that criteria.

How much will it cost to foster a dog?

MB Pug Rescue pays the cost of all veterinary care, food, and other supplies the dog may need. If the dog becomes ill, please contact Lisa immediately and an appointment will be made with our vet.  Please do not take the dog to your vet, we have a special rescue rate at our vet and we want our dogs seen at our vet.

How long does it take for a dog to get adopted?

We cannot make any promises regarding how long a particular dog will be in your home. On average, it takes between a week to a month for a dog to find a permanent home. A dog recovering from health problems may take a bit longer than a healthy dog. 

Will I be involved in choosing the dog?s new owner?

We have found that foster homes are the best judge of what kind of home is the best fit for their foster dog?s particular needs. You will be involved in the screening process of potential adopters, in order to find the best home for the dog.

 If interested in becoming a part of Manitoba Pug Rescue's Foster Parent Team, please fill out our Foster Application below.

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